VET Professionals’ Wellbeing and Mental Health – VET-WELL project summary reports

Being a part of VET-WELL project, Mental Health Perspectives  got a chance to analyze the current state of VET professionals’ wellbeing not only in Lithuania, but also in four other partners’ countries – the UK, Italy, Poland and Bulgaria.

It is the first time Mental Health Perspectives familiarized in detail with the VET context in Lithuania. The results of the analyses show that it is a complex field that definitely needs more attention and input than it gets now. Having this information and connection with the VET sector and professionals working in it, Mental Health Perspectives will be able to target and meet their needs by including them in the mental health education activities.

Detaled summary of the analysis results can be found following the blue link below. The report covers VET professionals’ situation in five partners’ countries separately. The situation is described by analysing the general VET teachers’ situation as well as risk factors that hinder and protective factors that support their mental health and wellbeing.

VET-WELL_Desk Based Research_Summary Report

The project is funded by Erasmus+ programme.