Mental Health Perspectives (formerly known as Global Initiative on Psychiatry) is a non-governmental organization established in the year 2000 and working in the field of mental health and human rights.

Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of society and especially its most vulnerable groups, through consolidation of their fundamental right to accessible, evidence-based and person-centred services, whilst also prioritising mental health at the political level.

Our vision is a State that has mental health as a priority at the policy level, and operates within an effective, flexible and contemporary system, which ensures provision of accessible, community-based and person-centred quality mental health services to all.

Our Activities:

• Capacity building and fundraising;
• Policy development and advocacy;
• Watchdog function;
• Trainings and research;
• Public education and awareness raising;
• Publicity;
• Exchange, adaptation and sharing of best practice examples;
• Monitoring of human rights in the fields of mental health and social care;
• Development cooperation;
• Coordination of volunteers;
• Strategic litigation;
• Networking;
• Development of services and programme adaptation.
Our Values:
• Respect for human rights and individuality;
• Equality;
• Social inclusion;
• Analysis and expert knowledge;
• Transparency and impartiality;
• Open-mindedness and cooperation;
• Self-reflection and performance improvement.

Mental Health Perspectives has successfully implemented more than 60 national and international projects. Organization regularly and actively carries out advocacy activities, aiming for positive changes in mental health system

Mental Health Perspectives is a member of the Coalition ‘I Can Live‘, National NonGovernmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform, informal NGO Coalition for Child Rights, Coalition Mental Health 2030, Human Rights Organization’s Coalition, as well as a member of international organizations, such as Human Rights in Mental Health Federation-FGIP and Mental Health Europe.