Promotion of public discourse on non-discrimination in Lithuania

Project duration

August 2012 – November 2014


European Social Fund

Project goal

Diskriminacijos mažinimas ir socialinių problemų prevencija darbo rinkoje.

Expected results

The organizations involved in this project expect that the effects of this two-year long project will be long-lasting and enduring. It is expected that all publications (12 NGO guides, 12 trade union guides, publication “Įvairovė – verslo sėkmei”) will be available for public after the project. 10 radio and 5 television shows will shape the values and reinforce the basic context of intolerance for discrimination, while the events for the communities will encourage their members to solve problems in the labor market and in society civically and actively. The brain ballet concept and questions will be the basis for organizing similar antidiscrimination events for youth after the project finishes. The built capacity of the non-governmental organizations and trade unions in the area of antidiscrimination will stimulate their effective collaboration preventing violations at community, municipality and national levels. While increased awareness of employers will encourage to initiating open to diversity work culture. The indicated leads to the assumption that the implemented project will be an encouragement for new initiatives that unite different target groups.

Project partners

Centre for Equality Advancement

Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights

Information guides (in Lithuanian)

NGO guides

nvogidas1 nvogidas2 NVO_gidas_NR3 NVO_gidas_NR4 NVO_gidas_NR5 nvogidas2 nvogidas1 NVO_gidas_NR12 NVO_gidas_NR11 NVO_gidas_NR10 NVO_gidas_NR9 NVO_gidas_NR8 NVO_gidas_NR7 NVO_gidas_NR6

Trade unions guides

Pofsajungu_gidas_Nr01 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr02 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr03 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr04 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr05 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr06 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr07 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr08 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr09 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr10 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr11 Profsajungu_gidas_Nr12