One Out of Four: Developing and Piloting a Program to Enhance Mental Health Literacy of Youth in Lithuania

Project duration

September 2018 – September 2019


Funded in part by the Governmental Fund for the Promotion of Public Health (Valstybinis visuomenės sveikatos stiprinimo fondas)

Additional funds collected at

Project goals

According to the World Health Organization, at least one out of four people in the world are affected by mental health conditions at some point in their lives. Despite that, around two-thirds of people with a known mental health condition never seek professional help. Societal stigma, discrimination, barriers and negative attitudes towards mental health and a lack of general knowledge about it prevents people from seeking help.

Various international organizations emphasize that mental health prevention is urgently needed for youth in particular. Providing young people with knowledge of how to spot the starting signs of mental health problems and how to effectively help themselves and others could possibly form a new approach to mental health in society.

Whilst implementing this project, a unique program promoting mental health literacy will be developed and piloted. It will provide young people with knowledge about mental health and related conditions, about potential steps to help oneself and others, and also about services that provide mental health care and support in Lithuania.

During the project, there will be a focus on sustainability of the program. The effectiveness of trainings will be measured and the results as well as importance of mental health literacy programs for youth will be presented to the wider society and to decision makers.

Expected results

1. Mental health literacy program for youth will be developed, including a manual about the modern approach to mental health, the main mental health conditions, and ways to help.

2. 150 youth leaders in 10 municipalities of Lithuania will be enabled to spot the signs of mental health problems and conditions, to destigmatize and help and/or refer to professional help in their communities.

3. 20 decision makers and 10 000 of society members will be informed about the project, its results and the need for mental health literacy programs, as well as about the effectiveness of trainings and possibilities to implement further training courses in the future.

Project partners

Lithuanian Youth Council 

Republican Vilnius Psychiatric Hospital