Developing the capacity of NGOs to mainstream Mental Health issues in the Republic of Belarus

Project duration

January 2011 – December 2012


European Union

Project goal

To contribute to the sustainable development in Belarus, as well as to the encouragement and integration of mental health service users who are one of the most vulnerable social groups in the society. This goal is reached by building capacity of the local NGOs on participation in political dialogue and emphasizing the role of media in formation of an adequate image of the persons with mental health problems.

Project results

Trainings on advocacy and participation in the mental health policy formation process, as well as on communication with the media were organized for nongovernmental organizations working in the field of mental health in all regions of Belarus. Additionally trainings were conducted for Belarussian journalists on adequate depict of persons with mental health problems in mass media.

Two methodological tools were elaborated: “My needs and interests: how to represent them?” for persons with mental health problems, their family members and organizations representing them; and “From myths to reality” for the journalists.

Ten Belarus NGOs operating in the regions gained experience preparing project proposals and to carrying out advocacy activities with governmental, media, or local community representatives.

Comparative survey on the Belarussian society attitudes towards persons with mental health problems and their opportunities for integration in the society revealed public campaign that was organized during the implementation of the project and that was aiming at reduction of the negative attitudes towards persons with mental health problems in Belarus is highly needed.

Project partner

„Voice of heart“ (Belarus)