Core Grant 2006

Project duration

March 2003 – May 2006


The Netherland foundation Cordaid

Project goal

To share advanced Lithuanian experience in the field of child and adolescent mental health and developmental disabilities to the Central Asia and the Caucasus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia) aiming to promote indicated fields’ reforms in these countries.

Project results

1. Education of Parents of Children with special needs in regions considering their ethnic and cultural peculiarities, Kyrgyzstan

This project was implemented by Kyrgyzstan Psychiatry Association. The main goal of the project – training the parents who raise children with severe intellectual and developmental disorders, mainly focusing on advocacy of children rights. More than 70 parents participated in the project. Project increased practical capacities of the parents to represent their disabled children.

2. Crisis Hot Line, Azerbaijan

The main project goal – to establish 24 hour operating crisis hot line for children and adults. Consultations are provided in two languages by consultants who finished not less than 60 hour training, Consultants respond to phone calls of children and adults in emotional crisis. Actively communicating with the caller consultant assess risk and assist finding temporary relief, or interferes if the situation is critical. This project ensured that Baku has a successfully operating crisis intervention hot line. The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic considers the project as successful and needed for the country.

3. Child mental health care reforms in Armenia, Armenia

This project was implemented by the Armenian Association of Child Psychiatrists and Psychologists. Project goals include: improvement of mental health care for children, adults and their family members, to carry out researches for the development of the field, elaborate publication on psychiatry and psychology topics, to support training and capacity building of Armenian professionals in the field of psychiatry and psychology.

4. Provision of advanced free of charge information online

The main goal of this project – to install free of charge access to the internet for Caucasus and Central Asia children and adolescent mental health professionals. Project included two main activities: information collection and editing, development of website. Majority of online information is training materials elaborated by Lithuanian children and adolescent mental health care experts for their colleagues in Central Asia and Caucasus countries.