MARGINS – for notes, not for persons with mental or intellectual disabilities

Project duration

July 2015 – June 2016


Project goal

Persons with mental or intellectual disabilities are one of the most discriminated groups in Lithuania. More than 31 thousand of them live at the margins of the society. Line which marks the margin is thin but not flexible. From time to time some assistance – benefits or certain consultations – are provided offhandedly. However moving from the margin and integrating back into the society is very hard. Therefore persons with disabilities and their family members who quite often live together with them at the margins, wander in the corridors of social, health and justice systems vainly trying to receive needed help. Margin line often means living in poverty, unemployment, housing maintenance problems, and in general not being aware that there are organizations or institutions which can and must provide needed help.

Help that we believe in – is assisting persons in taking the step beyond the line towards the independence, awareness about the rights, protection of the rights, and active participation in social life.

Live and telephone consultation for persons with mental or intellectual disabilities as well as their family members from all Lithuania will be provided implementing this project. Project aims to assist them in solving employment, housing maintenance issues, other complex situations, as well as help them in receiving health, social and legal services, referring them to institutions or organizations which provide services corresponding to their individual needs.

3 838 EUR collected in total!