VET-WELL: Promoting VET Teachers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing


Project duration

December 2019 – November 2021


Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Project goal

Being a teacher poses one with various challenges for mental health and wellbeing. The latest research proves that teachers’ wellbeing is an issue of concern. In the UK, 57% of teachers and 63% of senior leaders have considered leaving the profession within the past two years. The numbers are not much different for other European countries. If unaddressed, the issue of poor wellbeing in schools would leave the educational systems in the EU without qualified and motivated staff, so needed for the development of the younger generation in the age of rising global competition. In addition to the stress factors common to all levels of education, VET teachers face specific adversities, which have negative effect on their wellbeing. These include: undervalued image of the VET sector; unattractive career pathways for teachers; poor vocational motivation of students; ongoing changes in national VET systems due to harmonization processes at EU level; continuous changes in VET content due to rapid development of science & technology. The analysis of existing teacher wellbeing support schemes in partners’ countries, however, shows a lack of professional development opportunities for teachers to build the skills they need to deal effectively with adversities in the workplace. Thus The VET-WELL project seeks to address this issue and sets the overall objective to equip educational professionals in the VET sector with resources and skills to deal effectively with the challenges of their work environment and to create a positive mental health and wellbeing culture in their schools.

Expected results

 - Framework for Teachers’ Wellbeing in VET that will identify specific skills supporting teachers’ wellbeing.

- Professional development programme, aimed at strengthening skills that VET teachers need to effectively manage their own wellbeing and to improve their self-efficacy in the classroom.

- Interactive Self-Reflection and E-Learning Tool allowing VET teachers to reflect upon their “wellbeing skills” and to create a personalized professional development pathway;

- Guidebook for improving VET Teachers’ Wellbeing in VET that will provide precise recommendations for improving mental health and wellbeing of teachers in VET schools through implementation of a dedicated professional development programme.

Project partners

EuroPartnership Agency (United Kingdom)

Uniwersytet Lodzki (Poland)

European Center For Quality (Bulgaria)

Promimpresa (Italy)

Project budget: 294 652 EUR (Mental Health Perspectives budget in the project: 31 134 EUR)