We invite you to get to know more about the projects implemented by NGO Mental Health Perspectives. 

More information about the projects, conducted researches, organized events and other activities is available in organization's annual reports


  • Partnership between Lithuania and Norway: Together towards Human Rights-Based Mental Health Services
  • Development of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Methods in Kyiv, Poltavskyj and Doneckyj Regions in Ukraine
  • One Out of Four: Developing and Piloting a Program to Enhance Mental Health Literacy of Youth in Lithuania
  • De-institutionalization as an Opportunity to Promote Human Rights of People with Intellectual and/or Psychosocial Disabilities in Belarus
  • Enhancing Procedural Rights of Persons with Intellectual and/or Psychosocial Disabilities in Criminal Proceedings: Exploring the Need for Actions
  • MARGINS – for notes, not for persons with mental or intellectual disabilities
  • Empowering Civil Society Organisations to Enforce the National Mental Health Policy Agendas in the Baltic See Region and Belarus
  • Comfort Box: a Tool for Fostering Emotional Self-Regulation for Children from Families at Risk
  • Empowering Belarus CSOs to advocate for social inclusion and promote participatory decision making for people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities in 6 regions of Belarus
  • Innovating European Lawyers to Advance Rights of Children with Disabilities
  • Towards mental health and human rights advocacy in Lithuania: NGO role
  • EYD2015 - Participate and Engage in Development
  • First aid for mental health in the Baltics
  • Access to Justice for Children with Mental Disabilities
  • Promotion of public discourse on non-discrimination in Lithuania
  • Strengthening institutional capacities of NGO Global Initiative on Psychiatry in order to achieve systematic changes in the field of mental health and to share experience with other NGOs
  • Introducing cognitive-behavioral correctional program “EQUIP” and developing positive culture in six juvenile socialization centers in Lithuania
  • Mobilising public awareness in Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Poland for the consequences of Global Ageing on development
  • Empowering mental health service users in 5 regions of Azerbaijan
  • Developing the capacity of NGOs to mainstream Mental Health issues in the Republic of Belarus
  • Developing HIV/AIDS & Mental Health Programs in EU countries (Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria) - MAIDS
  • Development of modern mental health care services for children and their families in the war-affected regions of Georgia
  • Development cooperation in the field of mental health
  • Introduction and development of the effective methods for repeated crime prevention and correction of the delinquent persons thinking and behaviour in Lithuanian correctional facilities
  • Development of income generating activities with therapeutic character in institutions for people with mental health problems in Sughd region, Tajikistan
  • Strengthening institutional capacities of NGOs working in the field of mental health and their active participation in coalition
  • Patient’s trustee
  • Developing the consecutive chain of psychogeriatric services in Kaliningrad region
  • Bullying free schools in Lithuania and Latvia
  • Employment of individuals with intellectual and psychosocial disabilitiies
  • Piloting and development of occupational therapy in two social care homes in Belarus
  • Mentally Disordered Persons in European Prison Systems - Needs, Programmes and Outcome (EUPRIS)
  • Establishment of new concept of child and adolescent mental health in Georgia and Caucasus region
  • Human rights monitoring in closed institutions in the Baltic States
  • Core Grant 2006
  • Inclusion of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities into public decision making